Computação paralela incluída no GCC 4.2.0

Citando o artigo:

“The most important addition in GCC 4.2.0,” says Baishampayan Ghose, an Ubuntu hacker, “is the merge of the GOMP branch
into mainline GCC.” The GOMP branch of GCC was created a long time back
to implement OpenMP in GCC for the C, C++, and Fortran compilers.
OpenMP eases the process of creating code that can run in parallel.

Implementation-wise, OpenMP is a platform- and
architecture-independent application interface. It lets programmers
write parallelized code wherein a master thread creates multiple
“slave” threads to execute a code block in parallel and later merge
back into the master thread. Ghose explains that the addition of OpenMP
is a non-trivial improvement to the GNU Compiler Collection and will
make parallel programming simple on Free Software operating systems.

Link: | New GCC 4.2.0 — boon to developers, bore to distros


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