AACS, chaves de encriptação, a RIAA e como tudo isto acaba sempre da mesma maneira :D

Esta história vale a pena ser lida 🙂

The world became a little more magical yesterday
with the publication of a new “processing key” that can be used to
unlock the AACS copy protection on the latest round of HD-DVD movies.
This event is remarkable not only for its timing–barely a week after
the release of the discs that the key was intended to secure–but also
for the clever way in which the key first appeared on the net. Though
this second part of the story hasn’t received much attention, it
deserves to go down in the annals of hacker lore.

Sigam o link e continuem a leitura, vale mesmo a pena 😀

Link: Boing Boing: Amazing mystery of the new AACS key leak


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