Saiu o kernel 2.6.22!

Saiu o kernel 2.6.22 que entre outras coisas, traz um code wifi mais enxuto e completo, idem para firewire e o totalmente novo CFS Scheduler (Completely Fair Scheduler), que tenta garantir que todos os processos com a mesma prioridade recebem o mesmo tratamento de igualdade de direitos :D, e muito mais.. peguem-no enquanto está quente!

Linux 2 6 22 – Linux Kernel Newbies

2.6.22 includes an optional, more SMP-friendly SLUB allocator (, new and much better wireless and firewire stacks, a new architecture called Blackfin, a LVM-for-flash-storage-devices called UBI, event notifications through file decriptors (, the POSIX-draft utimensat() syscall, the ‘TCP Illinois’ and ‘YeAH-TCP’ congestion control algorithms, IPV6 Optimistic Duplicate Address Detection, AF_RXRPC socket support, relocatable x86-64 kernel support, improvements to the CFQ I/O scheduler, more process footprint information in /proc, various new drivers and many other improvements.


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