Novos pacotes no padoka.

O repositório padoka tem novos pacotes disponíveis para o (K)ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. As mesmas versões para o (k)ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbon) encontram-se disponíveis no projeto getdeb.

  • Smb4K 0.9.3

    Smb4K is a SMB (Windows) share browser for KDE. It uses the Samba software suite to access the SMB shares of the local network neighborhood. Its purpose is to provide a program that’s easy to use and has as many features as possible.
  • Pidgin 2.4.0

    Pidgin is a graphical, modular Instant Messaging client capable of using AIM/ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, IRC, Jabber, Napster, Zephyr, Gadu-Gadu, Bonjour, Groupwise, Sametime, SILC, and SIMPLE all at once.

  • Amarok 1.4.8 com suporte a libgpod 0.6.0 (suporta a nova geração dos Ipods nano) e adição dos engines HELIX e XINE.

    Amarok tries to be a little different, providing a simple drag and drop interface that really makes playlist handling easy.
    Features include:
    – rapid playlist creation, with drag and drop from a directory view
    – context information (lyrics, artist information, similiar tracks/artists)
    – nice playlist browser for your existing playlists (PLS or M3U formats)
    – collection-indexing support, for smart browsing and playlist creation
    – inline ID3 tag editing, capable of retrieving tags via MusicBrainz
    – album cover support: automatically displays album covers from the
    filesystem, or downloaded on the fly
    – miscellaneous audio effects, including crossfading
    – easy bindable global shortcuts, rich DCOP interface
    – On-Screen Display (OSD), fully configurable
    – iPod and iRiver support

  • Tasty Menu 1.0.7

    Tasty Menu is a KMenu replacement aiming to provide the maximum usability and flexibility.

  • K9Copy 1.2.3

    k9copy is a tabbed tool that allows to copy of one or more titles from a DVD9 to a DVD5, in the same way than DVDShrink for Microsoft Windows (R).

Para usar este repositório basta adicionar esta linha no seu sources.list.

deb feisty main


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  2. x says:

    soh chupinhando neh!!!!

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